Career talk : product manager, program manager, data engineer, what's the difference?

Today’s newsletter looks different from our usual. It’s a detour to talk about an important topic : career development. Disclaimer: we are not licensed counselors, and are not qualified to give career advice. This is for informational purpose only.

We started to build our own proprietary database of job posts from the best tech companies in the world. It’s a lot. Some preliminary data cleaning, and visualizing give us a picture of how product manager differs from program manager, and what do data engineers do all day.

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Key takeaways from this preliminary analysis

  • It’s still important for engineers to be people’s people. Job posts do ask for people skills. In fact, both product managers and program managers ask for people skills and leadership skills.

  • SQL is not dead. Though many fancy data analysis and data viz tools are available, core competencies like SQL and ETL skills are still important for data engineering.

  • Who’s hiring? You can also see company names in these visualizations: Square, Twitch Google Etc.

Keywords on Data Engineer Job Posts

Keywords on Product Manager Job Posts

Keywords on Program Manager Job Posts

Visit our site for a detailed visualization of these job posts, styling our logo. Keep in mind, our initial analysis is limited as we are just starting to collect big tech data. As our dataset grow, these insights may evolve. The difference between product and program management is still subtle, but in reality they are very different positions. We have friends doing both. The team hopes to see the visualization to be more informative soon.

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