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Natural Language Processing is still the hottest trend

Trend : the rise of NLP continues

How many times is NLP mentioned in clubhouse? It is mentioned constantly in every chat room about AI and deep learning. And GPT-3 is the crowning jewel of that conversation.

Read about SpaCy (SpaCy basic view, SpaCy pro view), GPT-3 requires login but free. All our GPT-3 findings are compiled here, on this landing page. Our scholar also received GPT-3 access. What would you ask GPT-3 if you have access? In the next newsletter we will write about GPT-3 prompt design - a new way to interact with models using prompts - this is essentially the design paradigm of GPT-3. Message us on to ask your question for GPT-3.

What if you can’t access GPT-3, or are not admitted to GPT-3? Is there an alternative? We might have an answer to the question. Learn more here.  👉🏻 Next week, we will discuss a GPT-3 alternative.

What do you want to ask GPT-3?

Next week’s trend, what can you do get started with basic blockchain, smart contracts, non fungible tokens (NFT). We know every one has been talking about NFT, but we went to Stanford with the OGs who started dabbling with blockchain more than 5 years ago. We will explain in the next newsletter how as a data scientist, data engineer, machine learnist, you can get started with some mini tutorials to learn about the blockchain and crypto. Again read our disclaimer. All our contents are only for informational purpose only. They are not to be used in investing, nor as professional advice, nor in commercial settings.

Career Coaching - What does it take to become a machine learning engineer?

We are not career counselors but we collect and share insights from deep learning and machine learning experts. Here’s a quote from Mr. Laurence Moroney lead developer advocate at Google for Tensorflow, AI discussing how to get into Machine Learning, Edge Computing for Embedded Systems, TinyML in a recent Q&A online. He’s a truly great developer advocate and is great at communicating with developers. This detailed quote is for pro / paid members only. Visit the link here 👉🏻

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Developer Lifestyle

Why are people so fascinated with FAANG (Facebook Apple Airbnb Netflix and Google) companies? It might be because of the amazing perks these company employees would enjoy. Developers are treated well at conferences, seminars, recruiting events before the pandemic hit. Here are some highlights, company “virtual tours” and notable gifts and swags. Virtual company tours coming this week.

Github (coming soon)

Airbnb (coming soon)

Netflix (coming soon)

Apple (coming soon)

Facebook (coming soon)

Google (coming soon)

Developers get the best swags, gifts from companies. Here’s what we got. Do you have any amazing swags you’d like us to feature? Facebook hackathon swags. We will share a story about a data bootcamp in paradise (pre COVID). Too broke to buy masks? Major League Hacking gives out free masks and developer stickers.

Developer lifestyle can be a lot of hard work, but it can also mean being a well paid digital nomad, travel with code. We have a lot to share about our lucky travels with code and tech conferences in the next newsletter.

Is it too late to join San Francisco and Silicon Valley? Tech Exodus explained and monitored. #trend This card is for pro, paid subscribers only.

End-to-End Machine Learning Course

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