June Machine Learning Newsletter 02

Recap: in the previous newsletter, we compared three job posting types: product manager, program manager and data engineer. Check out the career talk here. We have been collecting data on job postings and will report back with more insights. Check out our technical interview guide mid way through this newsletter.

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Our favorite quote of the month is by Forbes writer who describes blockchain as an innovative distributed database. That’s cool because technically it is a chained online ledger that tracks transaction data and mining/ transaction fees (gas price).

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Machine Learning Tool Kit

Data science, machine learning libraries and tools you should heard about at least once. (Machine learning tools cheat sheet)

Machine Learning Interview Question

Practice interview question How to determine what features are important?

See answer in the link (pro only)

Q&A what does this code do?

Technical Interview Guide (Python, Data) - Interview Guide

Check out our medium publication for technical interview prep tips.

Trends and news:

Did you know the tensorflow-for-poet library can identify hot dog out of box? Why does it matter? First all it makes sense because hot dog is already a category in ImageNet image vision competition, so it’s not by chance it is included. Second, hot dog not hot dog is a famous funny neural networks project that made a cameo in Silicon Valley HBO. It’s now a well known joke that appears in hello world tutorial projects, even gets referenced on AI company ads. Our staff actually mentioned this in a real google interview and it was well received. Literally every one understood it. Though guys get more of a giggle out of it than girls. It’s not the most PC jokes.

Every one wants the same hardware : GPUs. Gamers, crypto miners and deep learning researchers. It’s a problem. Nvidia's new RTX 3070 and 3080 Ti cards attempt to cater to gamers and miners .