Machine Learning Flash Cards - July 2021

As promised, we will start to send out flash cards - byte size machine learning knowledge every few days or so. Interview prep cards to come soon. Many cards are free to view. There are a few pro paid members only. $5 / month Subscribe on substack using this button or link Skill Card for members are marked [PRO] and non-members [BASE].

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News Trends

[NEWS TREND] Internship shortage? - current students new grads [BASE PUBLIC ACCESS] [3rd party link]

[SALARY JOB DATA] Machine Learning Jobs Salary Data [PRO]

Interview PREP

how to solve matrix interview questions : The ultimate pro tip for solving matrix interview questions in technical interviews. tags: technical interview, python, indexing, matrix, job, high quality [PRO]

Machine Learning

Chinese-English Machine Learning Dictionary

For our Chinese speaking subscribers, here’s a quick look up of Chinese-English Machine Learning vocab [PUBLIC BASE ACCESS]

AI Trends in China [PUBLIC BASE ACCESS] Dr. Kai-Fu Lee book and camp

Machine Learning Datasets you should know.

MIMIC Dataset explained. MIMIC health care dataset - Famous Machine Learning Dataset training course required. Academic only researcher

ImageNet class labels :

[Machine Learning Course] [GPU] [AWS]

[GPU AWS] Choose AWS deep learning compute machine type (e.g. GPU) [PRO]

Famous Machine Learning Dataset mentioned previously in our Medium articles

Self Driving Dataset [PRO]


Product Manager versus Program Manager todo add topic page


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